The McCauley 95th St. Art Banners Project is a revitalization project identified by the McCauley Revitalization Committee. Celebrating the McCauley neighbourhood and the Italian culture, the 52 art banners will:

  • greet the visitor with the slogans “Meet me in McCauley” (top of banner)  and “Benvenuti” (bottom of banner) with banners installed along both sides of 95th St. between 106a Ave. and 109 Ave.;
  • provide one-of-a-kind visual art identifiers for 95th St. with two art banners installed on each of 26 poles, to serve optimum viewing by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic;
  • transform the streetscape of Little Italy with dynamic large scale metal art banners measuring approximately 66”(h) x 30”(w);
  • create a sense of place, marking 95th St. as an inviting destination while contributing to a more liveable neighbourhood though urban beautification.

The Works Society, which is located in McCauley, through its Art & Design Public Places Program, The Places, invited artist Dennis Lenarduzzi to create imagery for the McCauley 95th St. art banners. Lenarduzzi is an Italian who was born and raised on 95St. and is an internationally recognized artist and designer.

Lenarduzzi’s imagery for the art banners illustrates the Italian alphabet in a colourful and graphic style that references classic Italian posters.

Resonating from two different perspectives, the 95th St. art banners will illustrate ‘italianismo’ from the perspective of Edmonton’s Italian community     and also engage all Edmontonians into ‘la dolce vita’ – the sweet life. The banners will depict things that are central to Italian culture like “A is for           Amore” [love] and also illustrate Italian life specific to Edmonton like “F is for     Fa Freddo” [it’s cold]”. – Dennis Lenarduzzi

For more information about the project, contact Linda Wedman, Executive Director for The Places Art & Design in Public Places, at ebcva@telusplanet.net.


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